When I think about flares I often think about the Bee Gees, the 70’s and all things hardcore hipster-like. While sailors set the trend in the 19th century for practicality and uber coolness, this trend reimmersed in the 70’s and since then has reoccured over the years-often when the  head-to-toe denim on denim trend is […]


Meet the Saint Laurent classic medium monogram satchel in black grain de powder textured leather. It comes with chain strap. Next on our list of investment peices is the Louis Vuitton Favourite MM. It comes with  removable leather strap and chain. Next is Zara’s Croc and  Chain City Bag. This really reminds us of Chanel. […]


The celebration of your mama should be everyday. However, some business mogul probably saw a profit making scheme and so here we are conditioned to buy various trinkets, brick-a-brac, chocolates, flowers- you name it and they’ve stocked it. As I have said before, ( well Maya Angelo said this first ) people may forget what […]


  This time of the year is full of temptations…yes I am talking about sales. It’s fair to say that to get this lovely, knit faux-fur, jacket for £10 in the Zara sale is criminal. I was meant to be buying a present for a friend and ended up with this as well as the […]


It is a brand new year and because of this you might be expected to present to the world a brand new you. Such drastic change is generally truly unrealistic, however, changing your entire shoe portfolio is not. We are loving this season’s shoe collection from ZARA ;  the high-end and unique look without the hefty […]


When going natural, the last thing you want to do is dry out your hair by using the wrong products. Conditioner will be your best friend. The wide tooth comb with be your partner in crime and coconut oil will be your …well very natural long lasting moisturiser.Low manipulation is also key in gaining length. […]


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