AFR Clothing Fashion with a Concious

AFR Fashion with a Concious


AFR Clothing, also known as Authentic Fashion Renaissance , was  founded in 2009 as a “social entrepreneurship firm” by Kingstone Martz and Kuda Biza, the clothing label “aims to educate Africa one shirt at a time”.

They achieve this by paying for a child to go to school for a term in Africa for every shirt that they sell.  Not only are both of the founders gaining recognition for their business innovation, they are also recognised and are given the big thumbs up for their philanthropic motivation.

AFR is committed to donating a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations in Africa. So far, they have made donations to NOAH; the orphanage in South Africa ( that take care of over 27000 orphans and also to Chiedza Child Care Centre ( in Zimbabwe.

They have also partnered with another Zimbabwean charity (, for which they have designed a shirt which they sell at their events, online and through our online store.

This new model of assistance enables Ndoro to raise more with their t-shirt sales. For this, AFR clothing may be described as a centrifugal force of innovative fashion, which radiates benevolence! At the core of their fashion house is genuine desire to incorporate uniquely African design, style and heritage into our classic and modern quality apparel.

That’s right you may be familiar with some African tribes which wear all sorts of hats, including those which bear resemblance to tea cosies. In their words, “although we have started with t-shirts and shorts, our vision and scope go beyond this… we will bring the chitenge and nhabwamaringa to the 21st century!” African fashion heritage spans many eons, tribes and religions… gracing the Egyptians, the Zulu, from South Africa, the Yoruba, from Nigeria,  the Kikuyu from Kenya ,  the Shona from Zimbabwe, Khoi-San… to name but a few influences.

The Masai flocking, with their interesting attire and colourful jewellery as well as the Kalanga chevron will be but among the countless inspirational points for AFR Clothing. They currently have major presence in the UK and the USA, with growing links in Europe, Africa and the rest of the world.

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